5th Conference on Saproxylic Beetles
Bridging the gap: towards landscape conservation

Saproxylic conference logo, 2008

Saproxylic beetles: Their role and diversity in European ecosystems. Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Saproxylic Beetles 14.-16.06.2008, Luneburg (Germany). Buse, J., Alexander, K., Ranius, T., Assmann, T. (eds.) 2009. In English. Pensoft Publishers, Sofia-Moscow, 235 pp.
Available from Pensoft.

My contribution to this conference is:
FREMLIN, M. (2009).Stag beetle (Lucanus cervus, (L., 1758), Lucanidae) urban behaviour. In: Buse, J., Alexander, K.N.A., Ranius, T., Assmann, T. (2009). Saproxylic beetles. Their role and diversity in European woodland and tree habitats. Proceedings of the 5th Symposium and Workshop on the conservation of saproxylic beetles. Pensoft Publishers, Sofia-Moscow: 161-176. [PDF]
Plus the following pages:
2007 Lucanus cervus behavioural photos
Corpses collected during 2007
Maps indicating Lucanus cervus movements during the monitored period
Lucanus cervus nests in the monitored area

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