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Wivenhoe Park Millennium Oaks

To commemorate the millennium 60 oaks were planted in Wivenhoe Park, University of Essex, UK, in November 2000. This project was the brainchild of Prof. Tim Gray of the Department of Biological Sciences.
The oaks ranged from North America to the Far East; I planted a Portuguese oak (Quercus faginea), number 19. Years later as I could not find it, I got involved with this collection. After several years of fieldwork, and the help of several people, I have located and (roughly) identified them. Presently, there are 52 millennium oaks, comprising 25 species, indicated in the map below.

Also, in order to raise the profile of this collection I've written an article, which is now posted in the International Oak Website:
The Wivenhoe Park millennium oaks collection - In memoriam Professor Tim Gray, 1937 - 2018.
I'm most grateful to the Website Editor, Roderick Cameron, for his interest in my article.

Contact: Maria Fremlin

Last modified: 3 April 2019

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